Exterior Home Improvements

We all spend most of our time inside our homes, but when it comes to home buyers, your home’s exterior can make all the difference. Remodeling Magazine sets out an annual report listing the home decor that result in the biggest payback concerning resale home values. Exterior remodeling projects dominate their top 10 list of projects on their Cost vs Value survey year after year. Let’s take a look at 5 exterior home improvements that a home seller should consider before putting the house up for sale, Home Improvement and Garden Tips.


Siding is listed as the best value in home improvements for a home seller nationally. Upscale fiber cement siding, midrange vinyl siding, and upscale foam siding all significantly improve home values. Replacing or originally installing siding can literally transform the outside appearance of a home. Since the exterior creates the first impression for all prospective home buyers, it makes sense to assess your homes fa├žade and consider new siding.

Wooden Deck

The concept of an outdoor living space continues to gain popularity, however many modern families spend more time on their wooden deck than their patio or backyard. Decks are easier to maintain and offer the convenience of being attached to the home for easy access to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Vinyl and Wooden Window Replacement

Security and energy efficiency are both major concerns for home buyers. Old, damaged, and poorly fitting windows trigger warning signals which home sellers are wise to avoid. You can also reduce the cost of installations by applying various tax incentives which are often available through state and federal programs. New windows also have a dramatic effect on both the interior and exterior appearance of a home.


Replacing the roof may not be as exciting a project as a wooden deck or a new room addition, but it can definitely make the difference when a house goes up on the market. An old roof often depresses the value of homes because it’s a feature that can’t be ignored for long, so home buyers will figure the cost of a new roof into their overall costs. Energy efficient roofs and solar panels are very popular in some regions of the country, and a home seller is smart to list a new roof and all its benefits in their listings.


An attractive front and backyard will be an asset, but you don’t have to go overboard. Fancy gardens and expensive or exotic trees and shrubs aren’t necessarily a major selling point. Xeriscaping, landscaping which reduces water consumption and overall upkeep, is gaining popularity in some areas, especially regions where draught and water shortages are common.