Home Improvement Through Gardening

Today’s man is caught in hard mental work, family conflicts and many other disturbing issues and is in need of some relaxation. Gardening, undoubtedly, is a great thing for alleviating stress and providing mental relaxation. It is usually known as practice of growing ornamental plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables etc. Gardening can give you relaxation after the whole day’s hard work and it becomes more enjoyable when you have personal plot for this. However, with the passage of time, many new methods or systems have been introduced. Some of them are described below:

Container gardening: In this gardening, you are not bound to have a plot to garden as the containers are used for growing plants. Containers can be half barrels or plastic window boxes, earthen pots or gallon milk jugs with the tops cut off. You can choose them according to the space you have for gardening. You can put a variety of plants in the containers depending upon your choice. The only thing you must be careful about that is to know the characteristics of the container. This method of gardening is generally used on balconies, in atriums, doorway and roof tops.

Hydroponic gardening: In case of insufficiency of nutrients in the soil or you have an area with very little useful soil; hydroponic gardening methods are considered the best. The nutrients system is fed directly to the plant and the plant is able to grow efficiently without relying on the growth of nearby plants. The special advantage of this method is that it has no seasonal variation and you can use it throughout the year. We can grow plants anywhere in the house through hydroponic gardening e.g. even in cupboards or small piece of land. This method of gardening is said to be environmentally friendly as it does not cause much dirt. If you are desirous of not going to be sticky, dirty and wet during gardening or to avoid the manual labor usually associated with normal gardening, you must adopt hydroponic gardening methods. In addition to these new methods of gardening, the landscape gardening is also in vogue. Special landscape gardening equipments are easily available in market e.g. clippers, cultivators, water equipment, greenhouses and garden decorations. For the purpose of getting best efficiency of these tools some tips are stated below;

Always avoid tilling a seed on a sunny day. Rather you should prefer an overcast day with the expectation of rain. This is so, because the new plant needs plenty of water. The careful selection of new plants is very important. The best option is short and strong plants with just a few flowers. You must check the condition of the leaves because it will help you to decide whether you going to buy it or not. Flower bed also needs special care. You have to put at least one inch organic matter on the flower bed once a year for the best growth of your plants.